Let’s Bring You Up to Speed on Speeding Solicitors

A solicitor is a practitioner with legal qualifications who deal in legal matters. A speeding solicitor is a legal practitioner who will defend you against speeding charges and offences. Living in the fast lane may be fun for some but seeing those flashing lights behind you isn’t. Besides paying for the ticket, you can be required to go into court to handle the matter. There has been a 1000% increase in the distance travelled by car or van in the UK alone in the past 60 years according to gov.uk.

speeding solicitor

The only document that requires you to attend court is a summons. Before you attend court and make your plead, it is important that you receive disclosures of any evidence found against you. Receiving a court summons for a driving offence means you should not need to attend before you have the evidence against you.

It is important to see all witness statements, data sheets, videos, photos, and any other evidence that can be provided against you as well as a Schedule of Unused Material which lists evidence the police have that they do not want you to see. You then can make a defence statement application to receive additional disclosure.

Pleading guilty because you feel threatened or want to get the process over quickly will mean that you will never be able to know or check evidence against you. Take legal advice before making decisions on the matter to best guide you on what to do to make the process easier.

  • You can plead guilty at any time so don’t lose out on viewing the evidence.
  • The Legal process of Driving Offences
  • Policed stopped you and you were given a verbal or written NIP.
  • After driver identification, you will have a fixed penalty (3 points and a £50 fine).
  • You may have to complete a speed awareness course.
  • If this is passed on or not offered, a court case may occur.
  • A Summons arrives, requiring you to attend and plead.
  • Pleading guilty will sentence you in the same hearing.
  • Pleading not guilty sets a future date where the CPS makes disclosure of the evidence.
  • If the CPS fails to disclose evidence in time or if evidence is poor, the case may collapse.

Speeding defence law can get complicated and take months to reach trial. Consult a solicitor for advice about it.

Do you need legal advice?
This information is general assistance and not legal advice. Contact a solicitor for proper legal advice before acting on any information here or anywhere else. Think carefully about representing yourself because, (unless you do your own dentistry and make your own paper), it will not cost you a huge amount to get legal advice beforehand. If you are required to go to court, it is best to have a professional represent you. Ask the specialist about their experience and see if you are comfortable talking to them.

  • If you are unsure about any processes and proceedings
  • If you need any information about how to handle your case

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 10% of injury collisions reported were due to speeding with 13% resulting in severe injury, and 24% in death. Don’t let your need for speed get ahead of you, but if it does, contact a speeding solicitor today.

Let’s Bring You Up to Speed on Speeding Solicitors